Menial Series: Pokemon Emerald (Nuzlocke)

Pokemon Emerald

In which our hero bring his friend along for Pokemon Emerald to talk about their pokepasts.

Slender: The Arriva-NOPE

In which our hero plays more Slender. Man, is he stupid for doing this in the middle of the night. But he did use his recording software this time, so it does not look like absolute rubbish! How did I do? Let me know with a comment!

Menial Series – Slender: The Arrival

In which our hero threw down some money for Slender: The Arrival and got access to the Beta.  Aleri and I wanted to stream some vidja gaemz so we figured we’d give my first time playing a go.  I’ll (hopefully) be playing again tonight once I get home, so expect another video soon!


Also, I made a new Logo.  Tell me how it looks!  I want to be better at art and stuff and I can’t improve if I don’t know what other people think.

Reetin’s Weekly Update #7

Reetin talks about Final fantasy VII, the Vita, and the same failed MMORPG as always. Also, EXTRA LIFE.

Extra Life Page: Donate Now!

News Stories-
Final Fantasy VII PC: Joystiq Link and Buy it Now!

Vita/PS3 Cross Play: Cross Play Action

Copernicus MMORPG to be F2P: Failed MMORPG

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5/5/2012 Stream With Reetin Recap

UPDATE: Stream is over for tonight, stay tuned for the recap! Tonight we play Team Fortress 2 on Steam; join us in the chat, or come play with us by joining the There Be Geeks Steam Group. Viewer Discretion is Advised Click here to view and participate in the chat